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31 December 2008

Kerry Cassidy Google Video

Masterful 44 minutes hollywood producer style video -
Research into time portals & the future. click black-white pic:

10 October 2008

FORESEEN - Beyond Time

" F O R E S E E N " - sequel to Zen of Stars - is published.

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12 December 2007


Swiss Astrologer St.Clair now exclusive consultant for:

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08 April 2007


( Link in title, see correspondence with RMN )


The contents of this following document were obtained by Tessa Ewen, who, having been given a faculty known as ‘The Lens’ (a powerful remote viewing device) found herself able to travel across space and time. In the scenario reflected in this document she was time-travelling back a little more than 10,000 years, to visit a village that existed in Tibet at that time. In the village were a group of spiritual masters, mostly incarnated as women, who had worked for many years to understand the nature of human life, and its interaction with the Universe. What is transcribed here comes from a series of chants that these masters made to the time traveller, who they were able to see when she visited.

The content appears to be a distillation of what the masters knew, being their core life philosophy arising from their long studies. I have no idea how these chants, in their native tongue, was received in such eloquent English!

September 1998



The Songs of the Tibetan Masters


“ We are indestructible,
and afraid of nothing.
Our path is peace at all times,
Our power is through light, that which destroys pain.

“We are like water, we run through everywhere.
We flow to the roots of all nature,
We are self-sustaining, we never run dry.

“Our strength comes through knowing
the power of our light-selves
that flows ceaselessly through eternity.
The state of joy is forever,
it is timeless being - bliss!”

“Every man is soul-in-flesh, made whole by spirit.
From the beginning of time, seed is there
- waiting to explode.
Explosion commencing through Maya.
Early energy into beings far removed from our make-up,
God-energy alive!
Mighty power in all!

“Early power magnificent,
Universe full of wonder,
Exploding into everything,
Perfection in all.

“The presence of all-in-all,
Perfection in the balance of it,
Angels rejoicing, pouring forth love
- all save ONE.
Calling, falling, falling,
A split occurring in the heavens,
disturbance set in to take on the freedom given.
Trust given to the un-trustable.”

“Division now rooted in,
Good/bad polarity reigning, greatness subsiding,
Unity forgotten - and forgotten-forgotten,
Suspense hanging in non-balance,
Intrigue sprawling.

“Aeons and aeons to work it through,
The learning to ultimately connect with the Cosmos
Through cosmic rays of intention,
Fulfilling lives of purpose,
repeating and repeating to gain,
and then return to the all”.

“To all intents, we sing now
to show you the way of all life
through sound, that brings forth stability :
sound pre-forming, performing, before matter,
vibration the basis of all formation
from low form to high.

“So it is from low to high in sound,
all sound is vibrant power behind formation.
With song of colour, the pattern continues :
first sound, then light, then form
- coming through the veils -
basis of all beings and all motion
serves the deep reality.

“Sound is vibration explaining itself
vibration is life
throughout and within every minute particle of the Universe
each singing their original note
proclaiming their reality
Universal choir, ringing with sound.

“Listen and hear:
nothing is that is without first the sound
rippling it into existence
- the first utterance of God,
God in all.”

“Ours is the knowing, veritable,
profound connection with ether,
emotion cleared for perfect vision,
removal of debris,
being in purpose
knowing that we know.

“Steady gaze cuts through to mightiness
like laser-cut,
precise and instant
seeing through confusion
like dart
heading for target.”

is the basis of being.
Cosmos activated by Love,
the energy to move-on-course
Stars and Universes.

“Love in all forms is catalyst, connector :
begets love,
draws and unites,
gives freedom to be ‘in Love with’.

“Accumulative, it attracts
what we all yearn for.
Whether we know it or not,
yearning drives us all,
causes the search
throughout our constant coming-and-going

“Often misunderstood, misused,
and feared in ignorance,
and imprisoned in stuck units,
not allowed freedom
to expand further into others.

“Promises imprison
and cause stagnation into non-love.

“Keep it moving, circulating, spreading,
for healthy growth behind vision.

“Keep the vision - hold it dear - of expansion, through love,
of the lover and the loved.
So simple and clear the message
- to stay fully alive.”

“We announce the greatest -
so great we cannot describe :
it moves all worlds,
shapes all levels from zero point,
passing itself down
through realm into realms,
Causing the causing of the I AM to come through it all
in layers of consciousness.

“We seem not the highest,
yet we are.
We reflect from above us beings superior,
governing creation,
closer to supreme mastery.

“Angelics recognisable,
a few above them the greater,
above them,
supreme nothingness,
bodyless body-beings,
brilliance beyond any,
the moving I AM of those who are,
and are the foundation for all levels :
Being, seeing it all,
all strength, power, love, perfection.

“Above this, wordless one-ness,
Without thought-word.

“As descension, so with veil,
filters the glory into smaller glories,
fragment microcosms of this preciousness,
taking on shape, form, density, coarseness,
hiding, encasing
that which is still the cosmic light of insight
- no less for that.
Truth of it inside, being carried on to lesser consciousness,
knowing, yet not knowing that it knows.
All part of the cycle of Gods’ game of ‘Hide-and-Seek’,
everything lives less or more,
consciousness seen in movement,
that movement undetectable, no real loss.

“All being in, through, with the complete story we make.
The complete movement of moment
inter-movement, inter-moment, inter-mind of super mind.”

“Welcome to our song of the foundation,
scientifically sound,
found written in rock
and ground.
Proven by knowledgeable ones, acknowledged.

“First blueprints lost
in ancient dimension -
- not so from us.

“Not so
in dimensions of subtle integration.

“We soon find
when in that state of being
when piercing the barriers in time-space
it is known -
that which is within shall last,
un-crushable, inextinguishable - though apparently lost.

“The story of events in subtle matter,
matter speaking it,
so often unheard,
our shallow part preventing the imparting,
heart going in
fetches it all
whether it is written or not,
that which illumines endures.

“We access through heavenly corridors
all leading to finding
those who wrote into matter
deeply guided
by the point at which we discover it anyway.

“We need no finding of learning-in-matter
we go to source.
It is written in the unwritten.

“No chasing the artifacts
our pursuit in daily, joyful ceremony
bringing into us the origins,
with the writing.

“It is in us,
protected from misuse,
the diamond cut in cannot be grabbed or grasped.

we return it when dying,
strong hope of imparting to those
who will cherish
before we are gone.

“No matter the matter perish,
no forgetting,
history - sound and known,
all action,
all cause and effect, recorded in sound-energy consciousness
free to one who protects it
in sacred honouring - cannot endanger by betrayal.

“The purity ensures,
by giving to the silent ones.
We do it now,
with you.”

“So it is, that so many lives have been given
over defending facts,
external shreds,
many names
in different times
grounded on accumulating misplaced energy
for many different cultures.

“Once begun,
seeds lineage to solidify into tribes
division hardening
into age and ages,
divided on idea and message,
monopolies on targets,
forgotten origins, yet diatribe collision,
passing on
to split other sub-division within division,
set to prove themselves,
clashes on sacred ideas,
turmoil in brave cause of belief.

“Repeated, dedicated hatred,
gaining territory.
Noble stance and true belief - but not founded in one-ness.

“Belief is nothing,
those misinterpreting, willing to follow,
not to delve
and find their own miracle,
the dis-empowering.

“We sing to you of the power of finding
for yourself
FOR yourself,
contact to be your own,
the gem
accessible to those who look
in depth.”

“The guide becomes the ‘you’,
pinpointing your own way
the pinpoint!

“Listen to the pin drop
faint voice connecting you with Universes,
travels within,
anywhere, any time,
education for your world-wise soul,
accumulating clarity
no clutter of too many or too much
but smooth serenity
in being the sacred joy-ride.”

“Ours is the touch
that lasts a thousand voices
of loving forgiving.

So dear you are, our nearness in you,
and you to us :
nothing breaks it - that cord of joining
leaving no room for remorse.”

“Such honour is there
in being less proud,
surrendering to every lesson to be learned.
Honesty within, needing diligence.
Cheating ones self in not facing, lessons harden,
hardens lessons.
The dedicated see it through to mastery.

“Honesty with self
breathing into honesty with others
spills out
to give example.

“Company with Masters creates Masters.
So it grows,
like water overflowing
into other vessels
magnifies itself to overflow again
into yet other vessels.

“As Godliness accumulates,
so in other spaces
energy embedded in wall, rock, tree,
holding it
to envelope the bystander -
Invisible enrichment, to one who seeks the places.
God containers,
Vortices of generosity
giving inspiration, illumination,
where beings, immersed in stone, immerse the being,
pass Heaven to matter
to re-tell the story of glory exponentially.
Touching, making whole,
the story can be gathered
from exit/entrance points of Gods delivery.

“In tune with stardom on Earth,
points connect the flow of magic
to magic,
in glowing, geometric constellation
solving ancient mystery
through God’s heavenly contagion.”

“We see your sparks of life
the sparks that thrill life into being
drawn from Cosmos :
light into form,
fragments from the one core whiteness
split through prisms.

“The mass - in knowing - opens itself
to bring consciousness qualities
each singing their part
into miraculous world-planes.

“The glory rays open through,
pouring into realities
- colour communications
inventing streams of loving activity -
set to draw together all living beauty
from the total Godhead,
levelled to planes of existence :
marvellous worlds
created from the raw material of love.

“Giving the given
to bring into life its differences
forms, thoughts, feelings, emotions,
utterances of all being, all play together, sing together,
spinning into whirls,
God’s vibrant palette.
In us, microcosms of consciousness,
centres in our centres,
love’s energetic catherine wheels,
spinal spirals draw in to our ever moving bodies
dancing the basis of our structure.

“We are of the one light
white, the unseen profundity, split into us.
We are walking, singing, dancing colour,
shouting, crying, thundering colour
intelligent essence for the outer expression
linking ours with that of others.

“Fun light games attract and repulse,
gel or confine.
Finding their rhythm, finding their counterpart.

“Here are the wise ones, seeing the secret,
seeing the light in others,
knowing our own.
Brilliant knowledge points,
pointing the way to live our daily existence
in the light of experience,
in the experience of light,
never doubting, as we watch the light-less ones
colliding, colour clashing, abuse,
sure of our purpose
of painting the ultimate harmonious masterpiece
for our ascension.”

“We thank you for your dedication
in the frequency
of your call on us.
It is thirst which urges you
for the rightness, wholeness,
being not greed
but to share it with others is your loving desire.
We salute you in this.

“If those who greed for world-stuff
could see
that theirs is the thirst for more of life
- but with ego interruption -
would also know
the glory in their role as channels
for the satiation of world-thirst.

“It is love which sends you,
our devotion to each other,
as we
- cancelling time and space with ease -
surpass ‘It’ by being truly ’with’,
as feeling,
coursing in perpetual constancy,
in deep at-one-ment.

“So, with divine grace uniting us,
the boundaries melting limited dimensions
constructed with lower thought,
It is so simple a truth -
penetrating, piercing with love,
gets us
to reaching the eternity of it
realising the impediment of the man-made.

“All is in knowing :
the ‘Us’, has always, is always, will always
know un-boundary.
We are now ‘it’
the ‘It’ that I AM.”

“This wonderful game we know
of changing
from solid to liquid to vapour
is one of many changing parts
of notion,
urgent to re-form and renew, convert.
Nothing is still -
the pattern of manoeuvring
in time with other manoeuvres
forms gasses,
shifting surface indicating deeper change
in God’s explorative mind.

“On purpose,
internally seen as instant,
yet outwardly seen as distant, slow flow,
over time,
come and go,
as with new brainstorm,
excitement in creating,
a new cosmic idea ensues to replace
and replace
in the evolving dance.
Substance moulded, un-moulded,
into a new construction,
the playing out of scientific magic trick,
unfathomable to man
rich table of chemistry,
inter-woven into paradises, challenging man’s understanding
by simply being.
That which intellect has discovered
of this mysterious whirly-gig
scratches the surface of the display.

“Mystics know another way!
Not the measuring, analysing, systematic,
but by poetic harmony with the story
mythic mystery
by internal communication
experiencing the explosion atom by atom
the song of it.

“Knowing we are all in all parts,
parts made of same alchemy
in unison
with universal equation,
so the changes spark, signal, shout
the theorem
affecting all change.

“Man - as part of the movement, lost
in the movement-maze -
sees from one point : where we shift to many
have the over-view,
internal master view
zooming in and through,
giving answers in holographic dimension
teaching the true meaning of birth and death
the ultimate transition.”

“We speak to you
with open eyes,
guiding you to see with open eyes,
yet still in deep state of connection.
It can be done!
More difficult, but an answer
to your situation.”

“Much is said of way to truth
by the way we see.
Un-conditioning necessary
to undo that which we are taught
in up-bringing.

“So far “stay conditioned” is the rule
very few question
or break - the way of seeing presumed -
narrow perception giving narrow view.
to disable the naming of things,
of seeing the symbol.
It is this which blinds.

“As baby thrills
excites by simple act of delight
in experiencing
what is,
not knowing it by name
or usefulness
but by game of ‘peep-bo’.
Immediate joy
not of knowing ‘these are eyes I see with’,
nor identifying
flower, bird, toy -
but enjoying without question.

“So soon,
process of veiling introduced,
‘look and say’ locks in the concept,
‘look, sense, say, write’ likewise puts in place
the building bricks
of destruction.

“Child senses expectation,
eager to please
and enjoying pleasing,
slowly kisses goodbye
to spontaneity -
of being God seeing God.

“So in language,
un-grows to sophistication
so soon imitating
listening for directions from
Child-godliness crippled
the already crippled!

“Go back, undo, look anew.
Start again -
fresh gaze, fresh touch,
fresh move,
enlivened from core,
instantly alive -
everything singing the song of enthusiasm,
unites the seeing and seen,
living life from moment in the moment,
in the difference it makes,
flowing experience into experience,
uninhibited, harmonious,
umbilical cord still in place :
interconnection for dream-rapture
realising ‘I am here, now, now and now’.”

“Our roots go deep,
spread under ground,
embedded in heavenly philosophy,
upright stem,
valiant spine gently surrendering to breeze.
Air lightness,
touching dextrous finger of leaf,
fragrance of bloom,
centre of blessedness,
nourishment through conversion by sun on substance.

“Culminating in beauty of growth
all stemming from shared divine source,
Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Light,
with us, in us,
is us,
life support in complex simplicity,
nuclear explosion,
Food for body - mind
for spirit in two way permeation.
All we need
is in timely precision.

“Walk the path of simplicity,
contentment in balanced rhythm of supply
taken at healthy pace;
moderation in poise between too much
and too little;
fasting to render alertness of
the spirit mechanism,
cleanser for body-mind,
riddance of ills.”

14 February 2007



The arrival of the outermost planet of our solar system into the sign that rules time and structure, society and governments, heralds a complete overhaul of everything to do with structural society as we knew it. What can this entail? This is the subject of the book ZEN OF STARS / Futures of Planet Earth.

Once the planet’s population reaches the ability of global seeing and communication, those who can apply the global communications platform naturally seek a conceptual structure that unifies the population of the world, via any world order, new or old. And this is not new.

This is done first economically, and then, militarily. Earth is well underway in both domains, economy and defense, but the dampening effect of the so-called terrorist network is what will help to temper the will of the population to unify.

The question is who are the "terrorists" and what is the state within the state. Once this unification is established, the population will be better able to collaborate and share resources and technologies. Unification as such is NOT a bad thing. It is only dreaded by those who fear that their roots are taken away.

Our political, military, and media leaders do not share this perspective, not because they lack sensibility, but because their systems of reference are designed to protect what has been established by previous generations as our self interest, rather than to understand the broader context as it relates to the vital discoveries that lie ahead.

I know in the minds of each of you lies the gnawing questions: where will this invasive terrorism lead and how far will it go? Will it lead to a world war? Will the world economy weaken as a result? I can answer yes to the last two questions, but it will not overtake the world’s progression to unify, but rather hasten its realization. While sacrifices will be required, it will generate a new sense of collective purpose and connection among the nations and tribes of Earth.

If you remain absorbed in the media-defined expression of this dramatic story as it ensues, you may be entrained to think and act as our leaders do, which is centered on the protection of the self-interests of the free world. You may instead choose to rely more on the leadership of your inmost self during the times that will come, and place the events in the broader context of the journey that lies ahead — both for you as an individual and humanity as a whole.

Each of you must feel as though you have walked unwittingly through a gate, and, having seen what’s on the other side, you want to return from whence you came, but the gate locked behind you. We have entered a new world where your vulnerability has been drawn in sharp relief. What lies ahead is not of our conscious designs, but rather it is an expression of our accumulated self-interests and general ignorance of the Wholeness Navigator, and subconsciously, there are few on Earth who do not realize this.

There is no one to blame for this condition. It is an evolutionary element of the long process for a humanoid species to achieve the scientific discovery of the higher dimensions from which humanity is woven. Upon this journey humankind has struggled before, but it has always found its way forward to its ultimate goal, and it is this goal — subtle as it may be — that seeks to articulate itself in the hearts and minds of all of you who are incarnate at this time.

There will be new tests that will assail humanity throughout the 21st century; some will be more profoundly shattering than those witnessed this week, month or year ahead. Invariably, the world leaders will draw a line between good and evil and seek to eradicate the evil, and in every instance the target will only extend further into the deep recesses of obscurity and de-centralization.

There is a strategic plan for all life-bearing planets, and this plan is not established at the outset and then cast aside. It is constantly undergoing refinement and adjustment. The only stability in this plan is the ultimate goal; the journey itself weaves, stalls, accelerates, and sometimes even reverses in direction.

There is, however, the guiding hand of First Source that never releases, nor turns away in indifference, and this same hand touches into the deepest part of you — especially in times such as these, and it proffers insight.

Pluto in Capricorn is discussed in greater depth in ZEN OF STARS
see this link here: http://trafford.com/06-0844
Michael St.Clair's new book "FORESEEN FUTURES" released by 2009.


11 November 2006



Presenting on 11.11. the Zen of Stars E-Zine to view a growing number of news, views, reviews, interviews & previews as well as certain artsy videos happening around the event of the book coming out in a slow explosion - yes it now exists. Thought shattering itself against its own nothingness is the explosion of meditation. Watch in this picture - is the sequel announced for 2011...

"Your book is the most advanced piece of work on the planet.

Not only did it resonate, it felt LIVING, very, very ALIVE, like the Beloved Cosmos You so eloquently and passionately write about! The most powerful aspect conveyed is humanity's eventual resurrection from that of a down trodden and oft interfered with species, to that which echoes the architecture of a soon to be Awakening of a Celebrated Spirit-Mind Fusion within the Hu'm'n (Human) as an aspect and part of, One! More to follow as I continue to vibrate at this new frequency."

~ Edward Rodriguez

28 October 2006

Video Interview with St.Clair

Click the title link to see the 45 minute master piece by Kerry Lynn Cassidy & Bill Ryan which was shot at Chillon Castle. I can say we are quite happy with the outstanding quality of this video documentary - and many viewers are enjoying this so far . . .
Here is the link to use:

27 October 2006

The Impossible

Je n'ai connu qu'une histoire d'amour, Au fil de ma vie,
Cet homme m'a promis le toujours, Et puis s'est enfui. C'est la couleur de l'enfer Quand les mensonges salissent tout Je n'ai pu sombrer sous la colère, Comme un cheval fou. Mais ce qui m'a sauvée, C'est de pouvoir aimer. Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible, Aimer se dire que c'est possible, Aimer d'un amour invincible, Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible, C'est possible. J'ai vu des châteaux en Espagne, Ce que j'ai bâti, Et disparaître sous les flammes de la jalousie, C'est de la douleur sans égal, Quand sa vie, Part en étincelles Je n'ai pu vendre mon âme au diable, Comme un criminel. Mais ce qui m'a sauvée, C'est de pouvoir aimer. Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible, Aimer se dire que c'est possible, Aimer d'un amour invincible, Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible, C'est possible. Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible, Aimer, jurer sur la Bible, Aimer, malgré l'inaccessible, Aimer, jusqu'à l'impossible, C'est possible.

Aimer jusqu'à l'imprévisible, Aimer jusqu'à l'impossible, C'est possible.

05 October 2006

SpiritWind Dream-Time

Posted by: StClair on Tuesday, October 03, 2006 -

St.Clair presents his friend Ben Spiritwind - the scientist who lives with the Aborigines in Australia and who writes about Moving The Consciousness, Dream Time & The Intellligent Moment... The Spiritwind blog series is bigger than BIG.

As readers & subscribers of St.Clair know, Spiritwind has been a loyal contributor of over a hundred most valuable & inspired guidance posts since 2004, while St.Clair completed his book Zen of Stars. Often one saw the golden moment of Noesis at work in public -- Here he is now at "The Remote Viewer" exclusive, in his own words, Spiritwind explaining his new & old blogs and his very own wôrk in hindsight.

(Main link:
The Spiritwind many more embedded links in text.)

Enter into this fascinating anthology of a major mind of our planet. Be sure to read all of it and study all the embedded links. This will keep you for many hours or days and nights in a good state of mind!


11 September 2006


Chaser of a dream

click this picture & take a trip...

"Once there was a dreamer, he wanted to be, all there was was he. He saw himself of many things, someone he was not, someone he would be. I'll follow you, take me dream, I'll close my eyes. Hear the voices in the calling of the night, I am nowhere you cannot see me, follow me...chaser of the dream.

Chaser of the dream your journey is insight, you have my eyes to do your seeking. Come with me gazers of the moon, to a place you have never been before, you'll always be everywhere after me you can't run.. you're moving to slow.

Catch me if you can before I disappear, knowing not of others who may follow me, you'll always be a chaser of the dream. Inside your eyes, there's someone else you want to be, once you're there it's not quite as it seems, you want to be more, a chaser of a dream."

Above beautiful Blog by RMN Reader Tara-Moon...
thanks . .
M a n . . o n . .
t h e . . M o o n
very nice poem & so would I . .
- St.Clair

09 September 2006


Exclusive Interview for The Remote Viewer
with Michael St.Clair

- by Teresa Ann Papac

A fascinating conversation
seen by over 9,500 readers -

about the book Zen of Stars,
the life of the top astrologer -
and his views about our future.

"Michael St.Clair`s excellent book Zen of Stars has recently been released and is now available at Trafford Publishing. Truly a worthy acquisition, and a fascinating read with an intriguing cover too. We are happy to publish here on "The Remote Viewer" exclusively an extraordinary interview with St.Clair by Teresa Ann Papac:

In a profound conversation, opening passages of surreal perceptions rather than forming finite conclusions, renown Swiss cosmologist Michael St.Clair - author of the book Zen of Stars and enthusiast of amazing crop circles, time portals, mirages and mysterious occurences in the invisible world - talks to astrologer Teresa Ann Papac about the future of astrology, extra-terrestrial life, ancient gods, luminescent beings of light, the layered worlds we inhabit, and the hidden landscape of the mind. Spell-binding...

Brace yourself for a rare moment! Non-classical suggestions offered by St.Clair create a fascinating adventure anchoring a different conception of multiple realities and the plausible origins of mankind -- more likely extra-terrestrial than made in "His image." This unusual interview - a Saturn-Neptune opposition product - makes altered mind states the norm, rather than the oddity. In it, the inspired Piscean astrologers discuss esoteric teachings, time travel, Krishnamurti - and The Morning of The Magicians dawns...

"Time is an illusion.
The moment you stop thought
time too stops."

Read it
all here:


Posted By: michaeldonovan
Date: Saturday, 9 September 2006, 4:57 p.m.
In Response To:

Zen of Stars is one of the best books I have read in some time. It would not be an easy book to review. Mr. St. Clair has been labled as a futurist. True. But what makes this book stand out is the the scope and unusual. What happens in a world wherein the reality of 'other realities' must be ackowledged? This is looked at by an astrologer with unusual panaramic view of history. (Though some astrological material in the book, it is still for general readers.)
The hardest thing to see is the 'big picture'. Of all attempts.., this is at present the very best out there.
Expensive, bout 40 bucks for the nearly 500 page book.
Best straight from publisher, toll free number is
1 888 232 4444
Michael Donovan
(Will have a full review in a month or so.)